Courageous Warriors Trailer

A Brief Glimpse into the Story of these Courageous Warriors

Courageous Warriors; Beauty from the Ashes is the Story of extraordinary women who took their recovery from breast cancer a step beyond medical diagnosis, by creating new paths of wholeness through body, mind, and spirit, now offering those as gifts to others.

The purpose of our documentary is to showcase unique programs created by Breast Cancer survivors who are giving back to those warriors traveling the path they once traveled. The documentary features medical professionals who are committed to the wellness of their patients allowing them to rise up and be the best warrior possible.

Various non profits who make their programs available to survivors are featured throughout the documentary to further create wellness for others through education.

Some of the programs featured are -

Personal Ink (P ink) Offers alternatives to standard reconstruction where women make a choice to replace their armor of lost breasts with beautiful and powerful art tattoos.

COPE– Education for Oncology Psychology Students Nurse Navigators– Help patients navigate through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Hope Held by a Horse is a unique equine therapy program designed by breast cancer survivors. 

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Girls Like Me music Video poster anthem for Courageous Warriors


Girls Like Me Music Video

The Song Becoming an Anthem for Courageous Women

Inspired by the survivors featured in Courageous Warriors, the song Girls Like Me is an anthem for all women who face life's challenges with strength and courage - falling down, but always getting back up.

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