Film It Productions,  founded by Darla Rae, has been in existence since 1998 creating inspirational stories brought to life on screen.

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Courageous Warriors; Beauty from the Ashes documentary, narrated by Dee Wallace is the Story of Extraordinary Women & Men who took their recovery from breast cancer a step beyond medical diagnosis, by creating new paths of wholeness through body, mind, and spirit, now offering those as gifts to others. Courageous Warriors is a raw and real look at breast cancer, as told by survivors, spouses, caregivers, and medical professionals. It’s an unfiltered look at the disease; from diagnosis, to treatment, to rising from the ashes to find beauty in life again. Our warriors offer us A Beautiful Arc of Pain to Healing while being entrenched in the battlefields of breast cancer only to break down walls with a universal message of hope and healing for all, regardless of your enemy.  

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Film It Productions

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Courageous Warriiors

Courageous Warriors

Beauty From The Ashes - Documentary

A Beautiful Arc of Pain to Healing.

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