Courageous Warriors

Beauty From The Ashes

The movie that tells what everyone wanted to know,
but no one had been able to say

Here's what those in the industry are saying ...

Kirk Montgomery

Raw, Real Relevant.  An unflinching, can't look away, powerful example of Independent Filmmaking at it's finest

Kirk Montgomery WZZM-TV

I'm doing this as a tribute to my Mommy whose life work was helping those with cancer and I want everyone to see it.

Dee Wallace - Actress/Producer
Dee Wallace Narrates Courageous Warriors
Lori Allred
E xcellent & thought provoking from many angles. Validation!

That is why this film is so important. It provides validation, not just to the cancer patients and their caregivers, but to anyone who has gone through a medical experience and felt alone. –

Lori Allred    Writer/Producer

There are tender and painful stories that turned inspiring and uplifting, keeping me in tears for very different reasons.  Each one Unique and Beautiful. 

Jennifer Wilde  - Radio Personality
Jennifer Wilde
It is a storytelling ambassador to awareness unlike any other that there has been on this subject of Breast Cancer, covering every emotion, every angle, and doing so, thoroughly .

Joe Compton from Go Indie Now